Open call for new CAPS Scientific Team


CAPS seeks to bring together the wide-ranging expertise available at OSU to bridge basic and applied research largely by catalyzing the formation of interdisciplinary teams from across the university. One way that we do this is via an open call mechanism where ideas are proposed that fit into any of our strategic areas.  The Firsty Synergy Workshop kicked off this type of submission and CAPS concluded a Second call for proposals in the Spring of 2014.

Proposals Generated

First call for proposals
Second call for proposals


Applications are not currently being accepted.  Please send all inquires to Jessica Weitthoff at Erich Grotewold, Director, ( is available for scientific questions and/or to meet with faculty interested in CAPS or forming a new team.

If you would like to learn more about the CAPS application process please find details below. 

Team Makeup

Scientific Teams (STs) are expected to be between 3-8 members, and should span basic and applied research to tackle a practical challenge. We expect that situations will arise wherein team members will form and reform sub-teams to better position themselves for external funding but, we encourage proposals in CAPS to put forth the core group of investigators (the most compact team) needed to work on a problem of joint interest. All future changes to the core team will be reviewed by the CAPS External Scientific Advisory Board to ensure that the changes are indeed justified.


STs must be formed by a minimum of three OSU individuals with PI status (includes Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Full Professors, Research Scientists and Research Assistant Professors). Being a member of one Scientific Team (ST) does not disqualify a researcher from being part of another. We discourage, however, the same individual to be the contact PI in more than one ST.

Proposed projects will find practical solutions to a problem in one (or more) of the four outlined strategic areas. Teams will need to provide yearly progress reports for inclusion in the CAPS Annual Report. Continuing support of the Scientific Teams is contingent on meeting the milestones set for the previous year.

Application Requirements

CAPS pdf Application forms must be used (available here). You will need Adobe Reader in order to complete this application.  All sections must fit entirely in the space provided. 11-point font is the smallest recommended.

Review Process

Members of an External Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB) are reponsible for the ranking of all applications. A list of ESAB members is available at New applications must be evaluated and ranked higher than any of the currently CAPS supported Scientific Teams in order to be considered for membership. You can find rubrics for ESAB ranking here (rubrics). See current STs [teams].