TIRE: Overcoming barriers to establishing a viable rubber crop for Ohio farmers

Photo of members of the TIRE team

Back Row, left to right: Tony Ren (grad student), Imed Dami (faculty), Zhenyu Li (staff), Xiaofeng Zhuang (staff), Kyle Benzle (grad student), David Ramirez-Cadavid (recent graduate)

Front Row, left to right: Ajay Shah (faculty), John Cardina (faculty), Nikita Amstutz (research associate), Katrina Cornish (faculty), Jonathan Fresnedo Ramirez (faculty), Mingde Liu (grad student)


CAPS is supporting the multidisciplinary advancement of a new rubber crop for Ohio (Buckeye Gold, Taraxacum kok-saghyz).  The project leverages CAPS expertise by focusing on the development and utilization of genetic resources and molecular breeding tools, on crop domestication and rubber yield improvement. Domestic rubber production is imperative for the natural rubber security of the United States.


Team Members

Katrina Cornish
John Cardina
Ajay Shah
Joshua Blakeslee
Jonathan Fresnedo


Strategic Area

Biomass and Bioproducts