CAPS Bioinformatics

CAPS offers various forms of support in the areas of bioinformatics and big data analysis. See below for current opportunities and resources.  If you have ideas for other types of support that might be valuable to the CAPS community, pass those suggestions along to CAPS at, or directly to CAPS Research Scientist Mike Sovic (   




Join us for Code Club, which meets weekly with both online and in-person options to attend. We're currently working in R, and sessions typically include a focal topic such as a function or package, and a challenge problem(s) that we work on in small groups. At the end of each session, the group reconvenes to share different approaches that were taken and lessons learned. All experience levels are welcome!

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CAPS bioinformatic workshop content is moving online, making it available on demand! Check out The Data Point on YouTube for bioinformatic training videos. Videos are organized into playlists, which currently include...


Bioinformatics YouTube Channel: The data point



Mike Sovic is available through Zoom each Tuesday from 10:00am-12:00pm to help CAPS members with things like troubleshooting error messages from an analysis, loading and running software, and accessing and using high performance computing resources such as OSC. Advance notice is encouraged, but not required. Connect with the link below for sessions (up to 30-minutes each) on a first-come, first-served basis.



Analysis-specific working groups are organized to provide CAPS members an opportunity to perform bioinformatic analyses alongside other researchers working on similar types of datasets.  These working groups typically consist of relatively small groups of researchers, meet on a weekly or biweekly basis, and allow members to analyze their own datasets, or practice with example datasets.  Working groups are formed in Columbus and at OARDC based on interest. If you have a topic in mind for a working group, email CAPS or Mike Sovic directly.


Opportunity Grants

CAPS Opportunity Grants offer various types of support, including bioinformatic support.  CAPS members can apply for assistance through this grant program at any time.  Information on this grant, and other funding opportunities, can be found here.