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What is Trellis?                                                                                         
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Trellis is a customizable web-based plant growth facility application centralizing many aspects of facility management into an accessible, easy to use tool. 

Trellis Users:

  • Reserve space, materials and services for current and view past projects
  • Monitor pest levels and pest control applications
  • Check order of entry
  • View active notices
  • Check space availability for project planning
  • Share project information with lab or project team
  • Access facility maps and reference documents
  • Create labels (coming soon)

Trellis Administrators:

  • Optimize space and track space and materials
  • Collect pest scouting data
  • Record pesticide applications per EPA requirements
  • Store pesticide product MSDS and labels
  • Track WPS training
  • Post notices
  • Log equipment maintenance
  • Store equipment specifications and manuals
  • Create maintenance task list
  • Download data for reporting

Get started with Trellis by clicking on the logo above and creating an account. Once your account is approved, you can use your OSU credentials to login and reserve space.