The Center supports interdisciplinary Scientific Teams that span the continuum between basic research and practical solutions to challenges in four main Strategic Areas. Teams can be self-formed as our Scientific Teams are or initiated by an interesting question posed to our faculty. This could be in the form of a grant opportunity, industry sponsor, or any other opportunity. 


Current Scientific Teams

CMAP: Conversion of Greenhouse Gases into High Value Materials

TIRE: Overcoming barriers to establishing a viable rubber crop for Ohio farmers

MBSA: Microbial Based Solutions for Agriculture

SoyRes: Comparison of Genetic Resistance Responses to Biotrophs, Necrotrophs and Pests in Soybean


Previous Scientific Teams

RapRes: Developing Vectors as Tools to Rapidly and Flexible Alter Plant Phenotypes

PlantDom: Plant Domestication and the Evolution of Plant-Associated Organisms


Previous Opportunity Teams

Coffee Research Project: Partnership with Smucker's