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Broader Impacts Support for CAPS Members

The Center for Applied Plant Sciences aims to build a community where researchers interested in advancing science through the development of robust Broader Impacts (BI) come together to ideate and collaborate. To that end, CAPS is pleased to provide its members with support for BI development and engagement.

Community & School Outreach Programs

The Center for Applied Plant Sciences, together with the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, participates in a variety of outreach programs each year. From classroom visits, to field trips, to events on campus and at community organizations like COSI – CAPS and ABRC reach thousands of people of all ages each year. Build your BI portfolio by getting involved with our outreach initiatives.

There are multiple opportunities for faculty, postdocs, staff and graduate students to get involved.  Hands-on activities are planned and prepared by the CAPS Education & Outreach Specialist, so all you need to do is show up and talk science! For researchers who are interested in focusing on their specific field of expertise, opportunities to brainstorm, develop and showcase new activities are available. Contact us if you would like to get involved. 

Individual Broader Impacts Consultations

The CAPS Education & Outreach Specialist is available for individual consultations on BI development on a limited basis. 

CAPS Broader Impacts Newsletter