Biotech Support Facility

Core hours for the CAPS Biotech Support Facility are 9am - 2pm, Monday through Friday.  

The facility is located next to Bevis Hall on the west side of the Columbus campus. 

The CAPS Biotech Support Facility is a BL2-P facility comprised of ten rooms totaling 7,000 sq. ft. of glass greenhouse. There are seven walk-in sized Conviron growth chambers and eight reach-in Conviron growth chambers totaling 1,043 sq.ft. of growing space. The headhouse has a prep room, soil storage room, materials storage, a cold room along with multiple -80 freezers. 

Greenhouse Manager: Gary Posey (day-to-day operations)
Program Manager: David Snodgrass

CAPS Plant Growth Facilities Advisory Committee Members:
Jelena Brkljacic, Dave Somers, Byungha Lee and above staff.

Redbud - Growth Space Requests

The greenhouse space and materials registration system Trellis is changing to Redbud.

  • Request Plant Growth Space on Redbud

Worker Protection Standard Training
All students, faculty, staff and volunteers working at the Biotechnology Support Facility and Rightmire Growth Chambers are required to complete the EPA mandated pesticide safety training. The EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) has developed a training program for persons who perform hand labor tasks involved in the production and harvest of plant materials. Users are required to complete the training program prior to their project start date. 

1. Watch the EPA approved video at:

2. Contact Gary Posey for the facility specific document to review and make an appointment to complete the WPS checklist and to sign the training certificate. You may have a copy of the certificate for your records if you wish. Original copies are kept on file at the greenhouse. The certificate is valid for 1 year.

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