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BPBFP: Bioconversion of plant-based feedstocks to products

In this project, the BPBFP team will pool their expertise to convert plant-based feedstocks (lignocellulose biomass) to value-added products using both in vivo and in vitro methods. Lignocellulose biomass will be collected at the CFAES Wooster facility. Various microbes will be engineered, using novel synthetic biology approaches, to convert lignocellulose-derived carbon to bioproducts that are in demand. Likewise, a novel in vitro-based approach, using purified enzymes sequestered in nanoparticles that catalyze sequential reactions, will also be employed for biosynthetic processes. Several significant products will be synthesized, included ethylene, butanol, glycerol, and various natural products and antibiotics and we will produce products in stable, scalable nanoparticles.

Team Members