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Educational Resources for Plant Science

Society faces a multitude of challenges in the 21st century, including but not limited to issues of sustainable development, climate change, energy, advancing scientific discovery, and education. As natural resource consumption and human populations continue to rise, and the negative impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels become clearer, it is important that we take action and seek solutions to these complex challenges. Plants are the foundation of all life on earth, and as such, will be key players in helping to solve some of the issues facing humanity. From serving as the foundation of our food system, to contributing to biotechnology solutions for global challenges, the importance of plants is undeniable. Yet, plants are often overlooked and taken for granted. 

Educational Videos for Plant Sciences

The Center for Applied Plant Sciences partnered with the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) to create a suite of four short, educational videos highlighting various aspects of plant science. Each video includes interviews with staff, faculty and students and a behind the scenes look at some of the plant science facilities at The Ohio State University. 

This project was made possible with funding from a Plant BLOOME grant from the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). 

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Pondering Plants is an educational video series CAPS is developing in partnership with faculty, graduate students, and staff at The Ohio State University. 

Pollen Biology with Dr. Anna Dobritsa

Dr. Anna Dobritsa discusses how parent plants pass along traits to their offspring through pollen and eggs. See Dr. Dobritsa demonstrate how to play Pollen & Petals, a game she developed for students to learn more about inheritance. Use the links below to print the game and follow along!

Pollen & Petals Instructions

Pollen & Petals Game Board & Cards

Easy Kitchen Science: Grapes + Soap = DNA!

Join Translational Plant Sciences graduate student Cullen Dixon to learn how to use common household items to extract DNA from grapes!

Bowl full of Brassicas

This series, which was developed in partnership with the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, explores the history of and science behind some of our favorite vegetables. 


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