First CAPS Synergy Workshop


The First CAPS Synergy Workshop was held in December 2011.  We had participation from over 30 faculty from 5 colleges representing 14 departments, all in 3 days.  Through the links below you can explore the proposals that were submitted for team membership. 

  1. Developing Vectors as Tools to Rapidly and Flexibly Alter Plant Phenotypes

  2. Plant-derived Bioactive Compounds with Medical, Consumer and Agricultural Efficacy in Sustainable Systems

  3. Comparison of Genetic Resistance Responses to Biotrophs, Necrotrophs and Pests in Soybean 

  4. Transforming Agriculture: A Bio-Regenerative Design

  5. Chemical genetics in a plant model system to overcome human mitochondrial defects

  6. Microbial Bioproducts Scale-up and Applications

  7. Novel strategies for engineered resistance to multiple crop pathogens and pests

  8. Plant Domestication and the Evolution of Plant-Associated Organisms

  9. Anti-hyperglycemic and Anti-inflammatory Phytoceuticals

  10. Optimization of bio-plastics blended with plant-derived elastomers for novel new materials

CAPS would like to thank everyone who particpated in the First CAPS Synergy Workshop.  We had wonderful speakers, faciliators and paricipants. A special thanks to the following; we are grateful for your contributions!

Please follow this link to see event pictures [flickr].