Aman Husbands

Assistant Professor, Molecular Genetics
CAPS Member

After receiving a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, Aman Husbands pursued a PhD in Patricia Springer’s lab at the University of California - Riverside. Using biochemical and genetic analyses, he demonstrated that the LOB DOMAIN genes constitute a new class of plant-specific transcription factors, regulating a variety of developmental processes including brassinosteroid signaling, adaxial-abaxial polarity, and lateral root production. After receiving his PhD, he joined Marja Timmermans lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in NY, who has since moved to the University of Tuebingen in Germany. There he studied the molecular mechanisms that polarize the adaxial-abaxial (or dorsoventral) axis, which drives the production of flat leaf architecture. Aman joined the Molecular Genetics faculty in January of 2018, and his research program will try to identify the mechanisms underlying the remarkably robust nature of development, using flat leaf production as a tractable means to address this problem.

Areas of Expertise
  • Developmental Biology
  • Plant Molecular Biology
  • Gene Expression

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592 Aronoff Laboratory
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