Second CAPS Synergy Workshop


The Second CAPS Synergy Workshop was held in February 2014.  This workshop was held in collaboration with the Office of Energy and Environment (  The workshop was focused on carbon and photon harvest and utilization.  This smaller targeted workshop had participation from over 25 faculty from 3 colleges.  Through the links below you can explore the proposals that were submitted for team membership. 

  1. Conversion of Greenhouse Gases into High Value Materials

  2. Beneficial Uses of Brine Wastewater from Oil/Gas Shale Industry

CAPS would like to again thank everyone who particpated in the Second CAPS Synergy Workshop.  The speakers were wonderful, faciliators on task and paricipants engaged! We are grateful for your contributions!


Want to see some pictures of the event? Check out our smugmug page [Second Synergy pictures].