Nominate a Guest Speaker for CAPS Seminar Series


The CAPS Speaker Committee fields suggestions from CAPS members for proposed guest speakers. The committee reviews all suggestions and selects speakers whose work reflects the diverse research interests and collaborative spirit of the CAPS community. In addition to the seminar, members are invited to take advantage of guest speaker visits through hosted meals and one-on-one meetings.

If a guest speaker is approved by the committee, CAPS will cover the related travel costs of the speaker. All travel-related expenses must be approved through the eTravel system prior to the travel taking place. Airfare will be procured through the University preferred  travel partner. Any expenses not approved in the eTravel Request will not be approved.

If you would like to nominate a guest speaker for an upcoming CAPS seminar, complete this form

What is expected of you as the host of a CAPS guest speaker.

  1. Out of town guests usually, arrive on a Tuesday afternoon and spend time meeting with faculty, staff, and students through the conclusion of the seminar on Thursday afternoon.
  2. If you have not already identified a date for the guest speaker’s visit, please check the CAPS seminar calendar for an open date. Include the guest's available dates when completing the nomination form.
  3. After the seminar committee approves your nomination for CAPS guest speaker, you will receive an email from CAPS letting you know we’ve saved the date for the speaker.
  4. CAPS will provide a draft letter of invitation for you to send to the nominated speaker. The email to the guest speaker has important travel information and is the start of the eTravel process. The travel request will be submitted and approved by CAPS. Any travel-related expenses not approved by a T# will not be reimbursed.
  5. You are responsible for creating a schedule for the guest’s visit. A template is provided here. Those wishing to schedule a meeting with the guest speaker will be instructed to email you.
    1. CAPS will help to promote open meeting times and the guest’s seminar through the CAPS email distribution list, monthly newsletter and on the CAPS website.
  6. After you have the itinerary created, please share this schedule with CAPS at least 4 weeks before the visit and again a week before the visit. This will help CAPS advertise any open meeting slots and verify the logistics of the visit. It will be your responsibility as the host to follow up with appointments to confirm their meeting with the guest speaker and to coordinate the transportation between meetings.

CAPS will sponsor meal meetings during the guest’s visit (limited to 4 OSU participants per meal). Please work with the CAPS fiscal associate at least 2 weeks prior to the seminar to provide a point of contact from OSU for each meal. This person will be responsible for picking up and returning the PCard to the CAPS office, following OSU & ASC PCard and purchasing policies, and working with me to ensure there is an eRequest for his or her designated meal. If the CAPS Director is expected to be present at any meal, additional approval at the college level is needed. Please let me know if a CAPS Director will be present at any of the meals when providing the meal point of contact.

After the guest’s visit, you should provide a typed summary of the visit.  We ask that you provide this information to us within 2 weeks after the visit. The length should be around 250 words and allow a high school student to understand what they spoke about and how to relates to CAPS. This will be used in our monthly newsletter and for the CAPS annual report.

Thank you for considering nominating a guest speaker for the CAPS Seminar!