Clay Sneller

Clay Sneller

Clay Sneller

Professor, Horticulture and Crop Science

213 Williams Hall
Wooster, Ohio

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  • BS, The Ohio State University
  • MS and PhD, Michigan State University

I have worked in plant breeding and genetics since 1984 when I started graduate school.  I have developed new cultivars of soybean, wheat, and oats.  I am grounded in traditional plant breeding while also being fully involved in Genomic-Assisted Breeding involving marker-assisted selection and genomic selection.

My focus is on crop improvement using traditional breeding and genomic assisted breeding.  This involves the use of statistical genetics.  Currently my main interest is integrating genomic selection into breeding programs for many crops and assessing its impact on genetic gains per cycle, per season, and per dollar spent.  Traits of interest are seed yield, biomass, diversity, disease resistance, and end-use quality.  In addition to the genomic-assisted breeding I am very involved in developing new wheat cultivars.