CAPS Smucker's Opportunity Team Press Release

April 9, 2013
The Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS) and The J.M. Smucker Company have partnered to create a new Opportunity Team. Visit the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Studies Monthly Newsletter page to read the full press release.

Breakfast of Science Champions

November 20, 2012
Students from Ms. Louren's sixth grade Livingston Middle School class attended breakfast, explored Rightmire Hall labs and facilities and participated in plant DNA as well as radish growth experiments. The twenty-two students were selected among their peers for academic excellence.

GC-MS Lego Build-Off

November 9, 2012
Cut-throat competition between some of the greatest lego minds in Rightmire Hall. Staff and students competed in building a miniature GCMS, in celebration of the real thing that now lives in the Targeted Metabolomics Laboratory.


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