New CAPS Bioinformatics Workshop

September 27, 2019

New CAPS Bioinformatics Workshop


New CAPS Bioinformatics Workshop:

Introduction to RMarkdown For Documenting and Sharing Your Code


Developing reproducible code and sharing results are two important parts of any bioinformatics task.  Rmarkdown provides a convenient framework for both writing and documenting code, and also executing the code to produce summary reports (e.g. pdf, html, etc).  This workshop provides an introduction to creating an Rmarkdown document, and then using that document to generate a report that includes the code itself, notes about the analysis, and results figures and tables generated by the code.  We also explore how code from programming languages outside of R (i.e. Perl, Python, Bash, etc) can be incorporated into these documents.  Basic knowledge of R and Command Line/Terminal are recommended for this workshop.


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