March 2019 CAPS Newsletter

March 8, 2019


Internal and External Funding Database

Visit this link to stay up to date on all internal/external funding at Ohio State!

How to Use the Database

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If you become aware of a program that limits the number of institutional/disciplinary nominations which is not already listed, please alert Jeff Agnoli, at or 614-292-6269.



Preparing NSF Proposals Using - Wednesday, March 6

This 90-minute session is geared toward staff who assist PIs with the preparation of NSF proposals and will provide an overview to the new proposal submission platform. Covered topics will include NSF accounts and roles, guiding PIs in creating a new proposal and granting access to other users, uploading files, completing forms, understanding the compliance check process and other features in  Similarities and differences between Fastlane and will be discussed.
Date and time:  Wednesday, March 6.  2:00-3:30
Location: Research Administration Building, Room 113
Link to register
Point of contact for questions or additional information:  Laurie Rosenberg, rosenberg.1045, 688-4175


OSU Plant Science Symposium - March 29-30th, 2019

The Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2021 Fred Taylor Dr., The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43221

Welcome to the 2nd Ohio State University Plant Sciences Symposium: “Enhancing Plant Science through Technology, Communication, and Innovation”. Advances in plant science influence the development of technology and improve our lifestyle. In turn, technology, communication, and innovation greatly impact and enhance many aspects of plant science. The Plant Sciences Symposium at The Ohio State University serves to provide members of academia and industry with opportunities to engage and share research on current topics within the many disciplines of the plant sciences.

For more detailed information about the event including agenda, competitions, keynote speakers, OSU faculty spotlight speakers, workshop and tours, and more, please visit this link.



New Bioinformatic Workshop
Below is information on a new CAPS bioinformatic workshop.  Please sign up here, and check out to see the complete list of available workshops.

Getting Started: Utilizing High Performance Compute Resources
Analyses of large datasets, including bioinformatic datasets, often demand substantial computational resources.  In many cases, these are available as high-performance compute (HPC) clusters that are accessed remotely, either through a Terminal window, or a web browser.  In this workshop, participants will learn some of the basics of how to interact with a HPC resource, using the Ohio Supercomputer Center as an example.  After the workshop, participants will be able to describe the structure of the supercomputer environment, connect to and navigate on a supercomputer, submit basic batch jobs to the job scheduler, and monitor the status of the jobs.


"Being a Principal Investigator: Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources" is now live on BuckeyeLearn

Please see our website for more information.


New CAPS Pattern of Administration

We have recently updated our CAPS Pattern of Administration. Please visit our website to see our new POA that includes a brief description of the Center for Applied Plant Sciences, as well as a description of its policies and procedures. 




The Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program has exciting new about our Fellows. This spring we will be graduating our first two Fellows, Irene Gentzel and Stephanie Karhoff. We are happy to announce that Stephanie has accepted a position with Ohio State Extension as an Agricultural and Natural Resources Extension Educator in Williams County. In addition, Stephanie’s first first-author publication was accepted to Crop Science. Irene Gentzel has also had publishing success, with her first first-author publication in press with Plant Physiology. In other news, TPS Fellow Alex Turo is currently completing an internship as a Licensing Intern at the Technology Commercialization Office at Ohio State, and Katie D’Amico Willman is co-chairing the Plant Sciences Symposium committee.



Guo-Liang Wang Received the Distinguished Scholar Award

Guo-Liang Wang, professor in the Department of Plant Pathology, received the Distinguished Scholar Award, which annually honors six faculty members who demonstrate exceptional scholarly activity, research or creative work. Distinguished Scholar Award recipients receive a $20,000 research grant and a $3,000 honorarium.


Welcome to CAPS: Katie O'Dea

This month, we’re welcoming Katie O’Dea as a new Student Assistant who will work in administration at CAPS. Katie is a sophomore student majoring in Finance at the Fisher College of Business and minoring in Fashion and Retail Studies. Katie previously interned for a recruiting company, in which she reviewed resumes, contacted candidates, and utilized various databases in order to source potential talent.



Enrico Bonello
has been cited in BBC for his research with Beech Leaf Disease, a mysterious disease that is killing beech trees in Ohio, Pennsylvania and parts of Ontario in Canada.

"In fact, it reminds me of other invasive alien species causing forest health problems, like emerald ash borer in North America or ash dieback in Europe where the spread starts on a very small scale, very slowly and then the spread picks up almost exponentially, spreading unabated."

This has raised concerns that the pathogen could spread to other parts of the world where beech trees are plentiful, such as the temperate biomes in Europe.



March 1 - Nan Hu

March 8 - Kyle Benzle (Cornish Lab)

March 15 - No Seminar (Spring Break)

March 22 - Dave Somers

March 29 - Plant Science Symposium