February 2019 CAPS Newsletter

February 2, 2019

Center for Applied Plant Sciences February 2019 Newsletter


We hope that everyone is staying warm this winter as we enter February.



Scientific Teams Applications Closing 2/3
This is a final reminder that CAPS Scientific Teams Applications close this Sunday! For more information, please visit our website.

Download the application here.

Please send your applications to caps@osu.edu.
The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) Nominations due 2/28
The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) today begins accepting nominations for the 2019 New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award. This award supports early-career scientists pursuing research that sustainably enhances agricultural production or improves health through food. FFAR will grant as many as 10 awards, and each awardee may receive up to $600,000 (including matching funds), over three years.

The New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award provides early-career scientists the investment needed to launch successful scientific careers in food and agriculture. By investing in scientists and faculty members at the onset of their careers, this award allows them to pursue research uninhibited by the pressure of identifying the next grant. The New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award is reserved for highly creative, promising scientists whose ground-breaking research has the potential to address major challenges facing food and agriculture.
Institutions of higher education, nonprofit research institutions and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are encouraged to nominate up to two candidates for the Award who hold tenure-track or equivalent positions and meet the eligibility criteria specified in the Call for Nominations.
Applications from eligible nominees will be evaluated on their research program proposals as well as a demonstrated commitment to mentoring future generations of agricultural and food scientists. The deadline for submitting nominations is February 28, 2019 at 3pm EST.
In December 2018, the nine recipients of the 2018 New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award were granted a total of $4.67 million from FFAR and matching funders.
DEADLINE EXTENDED: OSU Plant Sciences Symposium Call for Abstracts
The Ohio State University Plant Sciences Symposium 2019: Enhancing Plant Sciences through Technology, Communication, and Innovation
All undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, staff, faculty and visiting scholars are invited to participate in this symposium! Prizes will be awarded to the top poster presenters! Separate prizes will be awarded to undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs/staffs
General registration and poster submission will be accepted through Feb 28th, 2019

Date: March 29th – 30th, 2019
Location: The Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Follow this link for registration and abstract/poster submission: go.osu.edu/plantscience2019
Questions? Email: osuplantsciencessymposium@gmail.com


We’re happy to announce new opportunities related to bioinformatic training and support for CAPS members!  Workshops will be scheduled based on demand, so please use the associated link(s) to indicate your interest/availability.  Additional offerings will be announced in upcoming CAPS newsletters, as well as through social media.  We welcome suggestions for future areas of training that would benefit you and your lab groups.  In addition, we would love to hear from you if you might be open to offering some form of training in your area of expertise! 
Interested? Please fill out this form!
Getting Started: Working in Terminal
This one-hour workshop provides a basic introduction to command line computing within a Terminal window. Topics include navigating within Terminal, manipulating and organizing files and directories, downloading data files, and using basic wildcard characters (globbing).  Skills developed in this workshop are necessary for a wide range of bioinformatic tasks, including searching and manipulating large text-based data files and utilizing high-performance computing resources such as the Ohio Supercomputer Center or Amazon Web Services.
Getting Started: Data Analysis with R
R is an open-source software environment for statistical computing that has become widely utilized within the field of bioinformatics, and more generally, data analytics.  This one-hour workshop provides a basic introduction to using R, and addresses specific topics such as installing and using R packages, understanding and using functions, importing data, and working with different types of R data structures.


February 5, 2019 - Green STEM Girls Program
The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) and the Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS) are proud to partner with the Franklin Park Conservatory (FPC) for their new program, Green STEM Girls. FPC’s Green STEM Girls is an afterschool program for students at the Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls. With a focus on women in STEM, this program highlights science, sustainability and the arts.
February 23, 2019 - TEDxOhioStateUniversity: FUSE
TEDxOhioStateUniversity will hold it’s annual event, and the theme for this event is FUSE. The theme allows for a breeding ground of disparate ideas to fuse together to create an experience like no other. Each speaker will move the audience with their idea worth spreading. FUSE allows talks that range from sustainability, American American identity, race, and so much more to come together to inspire the audience to understand their society better than they had before the event.
Tickets are currently on sale for TEDxOhioStateUniversity: FUSE. Tickets are $15 for students, and $25 for non-students. The event starts at 10:30am at Mershon Auditorium where breakfast and Roosevelt coffee will be served. The talks tentatively begin at 12 pm and will end around 4pm. There will be an audience gift which will be given at the event.
If you would like to know more, please check out website TEDx.osu.edu. Tickets can also be purchased on the website.


In January, the Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program hosted six excellent candidates for a two day intensive interview and recruitment visit. During their time at Ohio State, the candidates visited both the Columbus and Wooster campuses, gave 15 minute seminars highlighting their research experience, were interviewed by members of the TPS Graduate Studies Committee, and met with TPS faculty and fellows. The TPS program was please to extend offers to three of the six candidates, one of whom has already accepted. We look forward to receiving decisions from the other two candidates, and will be excited to welcome a new cohort of students to our program.


Have news to share? Let us know!
Please email caps@osu.edu if you have any achievements, awards, updates or upcoming events that you would like to share with our 250+ members! 
Found Scarf After Seminar 1/25
If you left your scarf after the seminar on 1/25, it is in the CAPS office! Please email caps@osu.edu to claim it.


Katrina Cornish in CFAES News for creating the first medical gloves that can block radiation while meeting federal guidelines. Jan. 17

Rattan Lal in The Lantern for being selected as one of two winners of the Japan Prize for his soil research. Jan. 16

Andrea Grottoli in EOS for her research with coral microbiomes that offer clues for resilience and conservation. Jan. 15

Steve Rissing in Columbus Dispatch for his input on dropping insect populations and what it means for society. Jan. 13 

Enrico Bonnello in EcoWatch for his research on a beech tree disease that is spreading throughout Ohio. Jan. 10

Bharat Bhushan in 3D Printing Industry for 3D printing desert organisms for optimal water collection. Jan. 7

CAPS in News Channel 21 for vitamin C and metabolic syndrome implications. Jan. 2

Vicki Wysocki in ASC News for discovering protein that zip together like DNA molecules. Dec. 21


February 1 - Ullas Pedmale (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

February 8 - Bharat Bhushan

February 15 - Jason Slot

February 22 - Patrice Hamel

We are looking for future seminar speakers for 2019!

To see open dates, please visit caps.osu.edu.

As a reminder, we host external speakers and the cost of the visit including airfare, accommodation and meals will be covered by CAPS. Nominate someone here!

If you are interested in speaking at a CAPS seminar, please email caps@osu.edu.