CAPS Bioinformatics (Research Scientist) Job Opening

July 2, 2018
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The Center for Applied Plant Sciences, within the College of Arts and Sciences, seeks a CAPS Scientific Researcher to join our team!

Support the research and training missions of the Center for Applied Plant Sciences through scientific collaboration and targeted instruction in bioinformatics and computational biology. Perform computational analysis of complex datasets including next-generation sequence and use bioinformatics analytical tools on high-performance computing clusters. Develop curriculum for, and lead instruction of, workshops and/or courses for both introductory and advanced bioinformatics training. Conduct continuing education in bioinformatics and computational biology for students and research personnel at all levels. Identify and define problems, solutions to which can be approached through a scientific research process. Identify and clarify barriers which impede solutions to research problems as well as specific items of knowledge which are required. Develop hypotheses to be tested and ways of doing so. Develop software and statistical methods for empirical studies. Manage and update both computing hardware and software as needed. Comply with institutional computing requirements. Evaluate datasets to establish relevance to the problem or problems being addressed. Prepare research results for publication in reports, papers, journals, books, and other media in collaboration with CAPS members. Prepare seminars, talks, lectures, and the like for dissemination of knowledge, at local, regional, and international meetings. Provide consultation with CAPS affiliates as needed to determine research priorities and plan programs of research.
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To apply, visit or email for additional information.