CAPS Computational Biology Laboratory


The CCBL is a self-sustaining collaborative research space under the Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS) focused on bioinformatic and computational biology research and collaboration.


The CCBL provides a collaborative environment for synergy in Computational Biology:

  • A workspace for  computational biologists across OSU to share and better utilize available resources

  • A laboratory to facilitate development of research and analysis tools in bioinformatics research

  • A collaboration hub to seed grants for interdisciplinary pilot projects

The concept is inspired by the causal and dynamic environment of technology start-ups. In this regard, CCBL aims at catapulting Ohio State’s computational biology expertise to a national level through fostering peer connectedness, deliberate creative problem solving, research acceleration and idea incubation and exploration.

To achieve this, CCBL fosters a transdisciplinary approach to education and research by providing a research platform for faculty, postdocs, students, and anyone else with the required skill set and desire to contribute. The result a synergistic environment for transdisciplinary Computational Biology more