2014 Practical Summer Workshop in Functional Genomics


This year's workshop was a great success, hosting twenty-one domestic and internationaal participants from nine different countries for two weeks in the month of June. Extensive laboratory and technical (wet bench and bioinformatics) experience was provided through the execution of our scientific modules, led by OSU faculty (JC Jang, Ana Alonso, Dave Bisaro, Dave Mackey), staff (Jelena Brkljacic) and graduate students:

2014 FGW Laboratory Manual

{Focused Areas of Study: Plant-Pathogen Interactions, Plant Genomics, and Plant Metabolism}




While the majority of the group's time was spent in Rightmire Hall, on OSU's West Campus, a day trip was also made to the Ohio Agricultural Research Center in Wooster, Ohio where participants toured the following facilities:

MCIC: Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center
PENRA: The Program of Excellence in Natural Rubber
OMAC: OARDC Metabolite Analysis Center

Each day, participants attended talks by our distiguished panel of speakers. In addition, following each talk, the group shared a private lunch with each speaker for in depth conversations surrounding their individual and collaborative research. 

Monday, June 9th: Sarah Assmann, Pennsylvania State University
“Hidden codes in RNA: in vivo genome-wide profiling of RNA secondary structure”

Tuesday, June 10th: Philip Benfey, Duke
“A systems approach to improving root traits”

Wednesday, June 11th: Tom Okita, Washington State University
“The complexities of transporting and localizing RNAs to the cell’s boundaries”

Thursday, June 12th: Rob Last, Michigan State University
“Trichomes in tomato: Metabolic factories with interesting evolutionary signatures”

Saturday, June 14th: Mary Gehring, Whitehead/MIT
“Epigenome dynamics during plant development”

Sunday, June 15th: John McDowell, Virginia Tech
“Translating functional genomics of plant-oomycete interactions into better tools for disease control”

Monday, June 16th: Kenneth Birnbaum, New York University
“Single-cell genomics and the trajectory of transdifferentiating cells in the plant root”

Tuesday, June 17th: Dan Szymanski, Purdue
“Plant growth mechanisms across wide spatial and temporal scales”

Wednesday, June 18th: Dominique Bergman, Stanford
“Probing gene networks during stage transitions: Stomatal development in Arabidopsis and Brachpodium as models”

Thursday, June 19th: Mario Caccamo, The Genome Analysis Centre, UK
“Next generation wheat genomics”


Friday, June 20th: Nathan Springer, University of Minnesota

“Transposable elements shape plant methylomes and contribute to gene expression regulation”

We will host this event again in 2016. Please stay tuned for application and event details.